Hands-on Leadership and Meaningful Communication for your Organisation’s Talent.

Ragnar Speicher

Born and raised in Germany, I have been living in England since 2006. Together with a worldwide network of outstanding professionals I work globally as an independent facilitator and performance coach, focusing on the development of needs oriented leadership and communication that connects people emotionally and intellectually. For more information you can check out my blog or my youtube channel.

My services

My services include organisational analysis / cultural immersion, programme design, delivery and follow-up.

A selection of past and current clients:

Financial Services & Insurance

  • Aon
  • UBS
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Swiss Re
  • Barclaycard
  • JP Morgan
  • Euroclear


  • Civil Service College Singapore


  • Airbus
  • Scott Wilson
  • Siemens


  • Welsh Assembly Government
  • Insolvency Service
  • Liverpool Knowsley Burrow Council


  • OC&C
  • Ernst&Young
  • Deloitte

Mail Services

  • Royal Mail
  • Post Office


  • Agency.com
  • Amazon
  • Catena Media
  • a popular search engine provider