First, we think to be better, we need “some-thing”, then we realise that the best we can do is to be ourselves fully, and then everything changes.

What do you truly care about? Here are my 9 Guiding Principles…

1) Continuous Improvement. Big goals and challenges can inspire, and sometimes they can be intimidating. Just like building a house starts with laying the first brick, I encourage participants to take baby steps, to continually tweak, improve and develop to achieve their goals.

 Clip00052) Support. With a little help from our friends everything becomes easier. When we contribute to each other’s interests and wellbeing we create value and the conditions for successful communication, leadership and learning.

3) Performance. Only great performance ensures that modern organisations survive in a globalised world, where competition is stiff. By working with participants on their specific personal development goals, they achieve higher levels of functioning, which lead to increased performance at the workplace.

4) Uniqueness. Our biographies, personalities and situations are one-of-a-kind. Deep, sustainable learning is not achieved by just absorbing information, but by actively and creatively developing solutions that are aligned with our true selves.The opposite of “Shut up and listen!” Hence, I create design solutions that honour and work with participants’ individual creativity.

5) Reflection. In our fast moving times we rarely get the chance to relax and take a step back. On my programmes participants have sufficient time, space and effective processes to intelligently reflect on their actions, thoughts, feelings and strategies.

6) Trust. Fear neurologically reduces our higher thinking capacity and consequently blocks learning and development (such as drawing a blank during a difficult exam). I create a safe space, free of pressure and judgment and foster a confidential environment that is informal and authentic. This allows people to build mutual trust and raise issues that truly move them.

7) Fun. Get wise, or die laughing. Joy, laughter and playfulness are essential fuel for personal transformation. Not only do they increase focus and motivation, they also spark creativity and allow us to look at our own flaws more readily. We’re all a little bit crazy; let’s make sure we don’t lose it.

8) Challenge. Our muscles only grow if we use them. By tackling practical challenges participants grow their leadership and communication muscles. By challenging beliefs, thoughts and ideas through direct feedback and open and honest communication, we stretch our minds into new ways thinking and acting.

9) Perspective Taking and Empathy. Leadership and communication both require our ability to understand what another person is thinking or feeling. Through self-disclosure and feedback participants refine their ability to empathise and take the perspective of others.

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