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This is my final gala speech, after the 6 months public speaking development journey with I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity and to share this amazing experience with a group of outstanding, wonderful and inspiring individuals. It has enriched[…]

If you want to make it virtually impossible for someone else to change their behaviour try unsolicited advice. This advanced alienation strategy, often falsely discredited as “smartassiness”, requires absolute faith in your own superiority. If you are still a little[…]

If you think that by now you have become a master of shame inductions, you should be ashamed of yourself. We’re now going to take this business to a whole new level; take heed: You haven’t truly mastered the language[…]

After reading this tutorial you will never again have to worry about friends annoying you with requests (or calling you in the first place), happy co-workers spoiling your day with their naïve joie de vivre, or spouses smothering you with[…]

It’s almost Christmas and here in the UK the nation is busy getting yet another drink in at yet another do. Last Saturday I committed myself to this cultural and social chore wholeheartedly. A good friend has established a tradition[…]